Our Housing

Accessibility = Dignity and Independence

AHA! (Accessible Housing Austin) believes that we all deserve to live in homes that are not only safe and decent but that allow us to exercise our rights to independence and dignity, that we can afford, and that allow our children and us to participate in our neighborhoods. For AHA!, the good home is supported by three pillars: Accessibility, Affordability, and Integration.

Our houses include the following features that allow our tenants to live comfortably and independently in their own homes:

  • Ramps
  • Wide doorways
  • Levered door handles
  • Hardwood, tiled or laminate flooring
  • Roll-under sinks
  • Lowered counter-tops
  • Smoke detectors for people with hearing and visual impairments
  • Roll-in showers where possible

Affordability = Security and Stability

Our tenants are people with disabilities who would otherwise be priced out of the current housing market or forced to live in institutions. Our housing alleviates the negative effects of poverty and removes uncertainty; our tenants pay rent that is proportional to their incomes, and AHA! accepts rental assistance vouchers (Housing Choice, Tenant-Based Rental Assistance, etc).

We also reduce the burden of utility costs by making our houses energy efficient.

Integration = Participation in Community

AHA!’s scattered-site model allows our tenants be part of a neighborhood. Living in higher opportunity neighborhoods, they have access to shopping and public transportation; adults are close to community college, and children are close to good schools.

Our tenants actively participate in the life of the community: their children make friends with other children and their families enjoy neighborhood block parties.