Apartment association files lawsuit over discrimination ordinance

LaTorie Duncan is grateful to call a house in North Austin home, but getting it didn’t come easily.

“I can’t see somebody else going through what I went through,” said Duncan.

Duncan has a disability and an autistic son. She receives Housing Choice Vouchers, formerly called Section 8. Last year, the house she rented went into foreclosure, leaving her to search for a new home.

“There was like three houses that were for rent on my street and nobody took Section 8. So, I was just kind of surprised, you know and so then I just kept looking and looking. I had like six realtors help me and they were like, ‘Nobody’s accepting section 8,'” said Duncan.

She tried renting at an apartment complex, but still had no luck. “I mean I had my deposit. I had my application fees. I had everything, and I was looking and looking and it was tough.”

Duncan and her son ended up staying with her mom in a one bedroom apartment. She was within two weeks of losing her vouchers when she finally found the house she lives in now.

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