NOW HIRING! Operations Assistant

AHA! is currently hiring a part-time Operations Assistant. Flexible hours and competitive pay!

Applicant and Tenant Relations

  • Advertise properties as needed.
  • Show housing to prospective tenants and provide rental applications.
  • Process applications, determine eligibility, select new tenants, and maintain waiting lists.
  • Review, complete and sign rental agreements / addenda to agreements with tenants.
  • Enforce rental agreements.
  • Manage lease renewal timelines.
  • Collect security deposits and rents.
  • Maintain tenant files, databases and accounts in accounting system.
  • Monitor delinquencies, provide late rent notices, establish payment plans with residents.
  • Oversee eviction process, if necessary.
  • Address violations to rental agreements as appropriate.
  • Assess and collect tenant fines and fees.
  • Resolve tenant complaints.
  • Manage communications with tenants.
  • Observe and respect tenant confidentiality.

Operational Support

  • Provide bookkeeping support: maintain tenant accounts, enter credit card transactions, and pay (non-maintenance) bills.
  • Ensure compliance with contracts.
  • Oversee activities such as computer and website maintenance.
  • Procure communications services: brochures, website, etc.
  • Assist with communications and website, including taking photos of tenants, projects and properties.
  • Order and purchase office supplies.
  • Maintain financial records.
  • Serve as bingo program representative, ensuring compliance and coordinating all communications and reporting with bingo operating staff and the Lottery Commission.
  • Assist with tracking performance metrics upon request.
  • Assist Executive Director with completing reports required for funders.
  • Attend staff meetings and functions.
  • Assist Executive Director with grant research and writing.
  • Other duties as needed.

Send applications with resume and cover letter address to Melissa Orren, Executive Director at

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