Meet Linda

When Christine S. needed surgery, her twin adult daughters, Linda and Kathy, were forced to live in a nursing home until they all found affordable and accessible housing with AHA!.

Meet James

family - Accessible Housing Austin
James worked in the commercial and residential construction business until he had a stroke in 2011 which caused paralysis in his legs . While he was recovering in rehab, he was unable to pay his mortgage, and he lost his house to foreclosure. He was able to move into a home that had been rehabilitated for accessibility by AHA!. He says, “The house is in a good location for me and I’d like to stay as long as possible. I am able to go grocery shopping with my kids using the bus…The elementary school that my son goes to is just up the street.”

Meet Elainna

Elainna is a vibrant young woman with a warm smile. The oldest of several children, she grew up in Austin and graduated from Pflugerville High School. Nine years later, she developed a skin disorder that caused her to have chronic arthritis and difficulty walking. Unable to work, she was able to obtain housing through AHA!.

Meet Latorie

When Latorie lost her rental home to foreclosure,  she had a very difficult time finding a landlord who would accept her Housing Choice Voucher.